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Have you been microdosing?

Yes. *snore*

Is that like smores?

No. Merry Christmas Doddsy.

Happy Easter Whines.

Thanks Doddsy, to you too. I hope life is treating you well.

Kudos on your timely blog comment monitoring. I assumed it might mirror the frequency of posting, hence my premature lead time.

Life ignores me.

Do you ignore it?

I must post again but I feel this is the wrong vehicle. Yet to find the right one to replace it.

I imagine you are looking for something sporty with a little more oomph? But please not Medium.

No, I don't ignore it, I'm just disqualified from being part of it.

How so Mr Dodds?

Sporty with a little more oomph is an excellent description. What the hell is Medium?

Remember the good old days of blogging Doddsy?

It's that midpoint between small and big. Or between tall and venti as they say in your world.

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