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When is he finally coming to Germany. I'd bloody well like to know that.

Will he help me steal Armano's cowboy hat?

What's the biggest cock-up he's made. Like EVER.

Ta Ta.

I'm still holding you to that game of battleships ;)

You're on :)

Excellent questions Marcus, appreciate it.

I'd like to know when Gavin will have a photo of himself that doesn't look like it's been professionally produced and the photographer has told him to "make love to the camera by looking mean and moody".

Do you think this interview ploy is a cop-out that allows Angus an easy ride rather than write a revealing insight into matters of importance such as social media?

Is the nature of the conversation different in your part of the world and why?

Rob, excellent question.

Doddsy, excellent question(s).

The answers to these will be provided soon.

Why is Coopers Sparkling Ale Sparkling? I could never work that one out.

It's a wild guess I know but it's got bubbles in it!

Why thanks Rob - but I would hardly call my self portrait "professional". As you can see by the angle, it is my left arm holding the camera pointed back at myself (you know I should have used a tripod).

And as for being mean and moody ... well, the camera never lies ;) But my avatars on Twitter tend to be less serious.

You're not meant to answer the questions yet Gavin! You're meant to answer them either tomorrow if my clients leave me alone in the morning, or when I email them through to you. Or over beer! Mmmm... beer...

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