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Didn't know you had guest bloggers here. No swearing and reasoned argument. It will never catch on you know. It's so not on brand.

Hey, brand values are proof that God intended consultants to drive Porches.

Hospitals seem to be the latest branding consultants' target. Every one has the same "Mission, vision, values" statement on prominent display - a bargain at $250,000. "We are passionate about providing world class healthcare services...blah, blah" Without this phenomenal insight I suppose they were shambling along offering up leeches and mustard compresses to all and sundry.

Sorry to disappoint John.

Mustard compresses - those were the days. I'm pleased by your fellow cynicism Simon, thank you.

A value isn't a value until the entity loses money over it. There ya go. More posts like this please.

This is a toptastic post ... I absolutely love it.

Of course I don't agree with it entirely because a company with real values [ie: 1 in a million] will demonstrate their philosophies quietly through their actions [or in certain circumstances, by what they DON'T do] rather than sticking up a big bloody ad saying LOOK AT US, WE'RE LIVING OUR VALUES ... but interms of a lot of the bollocks being spouted by a lot of adland/corporateland and pretty much everyone inbetween, I'm with you.

Then there's mission statements.


Thanks guys, appreciate the encouragement.

And yeah, I'm with you on mission statements Rob. So much to criticise in corporateland, so little time...

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