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awesome. love the pain.

Nodding with shame and recognition. Hilarious.

It's bloody funny isn't it. So close to the bone...

Awesome find Angus.

I think he should consider chin balancing and save the children that way

Thanks Frith. What the fuck is chin balancing Tom?

oi loik this.. a lot.
chin balancing, you know balancing something on your chin - just how it sounds...?

How do you know it's not about balancing on your chin Kimmy?

Voila Lauren - great detective work.

You get something and put it your on your chin in manner which enable's its balance.

It's very fulfilling.

And just as Tom does it.

The guy is an Aussie working on Nike at Weiden & Kennedy in Amsterdam - What is his fucking problem!?

If i were an aussie working on nike at w+k in amsterdam, i'd probably write that post too...

I think I'd grin and bear it. But then I have had a vaccine for five star twat-edness.

I respect him for speaking up though, so eloquently too...

Does that vaccine require a booster?

She's not that short, John.

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