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When will people realise that a clip going viral won't actually sell their product?

And it's Phil Collins too.

Lets just cut to the chase. Ads like this are a threat to planning. Technically might as well hang up our slide rulers and pocket protectors.

I absolutely love it. Its so punk.

Evening Mr Dodds. Phil isn't that hairy.

Evening Mr Frith. I disagree. I like coming up with something random like this and feel I'm useful for it in an agency because I can root it in something appropriate. I like spinning off a logical or related element, and then being random from that. Certainly there's different horses for different courses but in some instances that's the right thing to do and in some instances I'm the right person to think of it.

But I guess particularly with chocolate, and a family chocolate brand at that rather than a wannabe-edgy yoof brand, this just doesn't seem to be doing enough. Without knowing their objectives of course. I think the 'glass and a half full productions' is a bit trite.

But as I said, I applaud it for other elements.

Good night.

Chocolate makes me feel good. This ad makes me feel good. Therefore I now feel good (or at least better) about Cadburys chocolate.

For me it's as simple as that.

That's a pretty loose (caveman?) association Paul.

They are simply translating the 'experience' of chocolate in an interesting way, a very interesting way.

Captain Caveman

Nope. With you on this one Angus.

Good debate Captain but I'm not sold, I'm with Macus on this one.

Just thought that, as you said you agreed with me, I should say I agree with you.

Which possible makes as much sense as this film.


True, but I like it Jon, thanks :)

Not convinced about the ad. It's good entertainment though. Whether it matters a jot (considering Cadburys is Number 1, I don't know.

All this ad reminds me of is Amercian Psycho. Not sure if it's the look they're going for.

And Angus, if you're going to be perving at chick's tits, you have to call them a rack, as in 'nice rack, love' - just so we're clear on that.

Sorry Lauren, you're right, I need to keep some level of decency. Rack it is.

Of course it matters Will. Money matters.

As I've said elsewhere Angus. The ad is a little bit of fun. So is the chocolate. It doesn't get much more on brand than that.

If you put a super on the ad that said this it would be the equivalent of explaining a joke (which is done quite often in Singapore).

There's a thousand different ways this ad could spill over into more bits of fun.

Lastly the distance between number one and number two matters Will. The wider the better.

Y'all might wanna look up "Mary Goodyear" and the "postmodern consumer" for more insights into what this ad potentially means for us all.

There's a lot more to designing an 'experience' than a monkey playing a drum.

I loved this ad the first time I saw it (I was drunk and tried to persuade Germain to hire a gorilla suit for his next ad). I've now seen it twice, and I've downgraded my love of it to only 'really liking' it.

This is partly because I wasn't drunk the second time I saw it, partly because the novelty wears off pretty quickly, but principally because the ad cuts off just before the big drum roll from the song. I want to really see him play !

Mr Frith, I am all up for letting consumers decode, I'm not quite sure where you got the impression that I'm not.

This is not about spelling things out or making links clearer. It's about having a link that's beneficial to the brand, even if the consumer has to work out that link themselves.

This is an ad, that has been made so that the advertising industry will talk about it.

The Kaiser speaks.

I bowed, if it helps.

Well now that I've set you straight in real life over Gorilla I'll let you off with some online groveling Whines :)

Or maybe I just shouted louder.

Good to meet last night. Look forward to the next time.

Dude, you KNOW I won the argument. See you next time.

I know this is a boring point, but I am a boring man - I think this ad is funny but I don't know how it sells more chocolate. Seeing as companies advertise to sell more stuff (usually), then I get a bit stuck as to why everyone thinks this is such a great ad (apart from the silence - I love the silence).

On the other hand, if you want to get people to like your brand again after a salmonella scare (and after all of the cool kids have left you to go and eat Green and Blacks), then I guess you might phone up the drumming gorilla and see if he has finished summer season on Bridlington Pier.

Too true Dan, too true.

It probably won't sell more chocolate, but it might sell more gorillas?

Hell, maybe it will sell more chocolate - the youngies clearly love it. But I just think they could have done more for the brand.

did Cog directly 100% sell more cars? Did Balls sell more TVs? Not to sure they did, perhaps I'm wrong. Under the impression they triggered a journey that concluded with a sale. Perhaps people do actually respond to TV repetition by sales submission?

This ad like those mentioned above, have started a conversation..and yes, one away from salmonella to a gorilla. So what?

Will people buy more chocolate. Well assuming cadbury's have got a decent range within arms length, I would think so.

I trust you're not suggesting that I'm not aware that the objective might be something over and above sales MM? Good.

But I'm not convinced that this will even add much value to the brand and thus contribute to a fruitful journey. Certainly a positive feeling but the right feeling? With the right meaning and thus end result? Not sold.

"It won't sell more chocolate, but it might sell more gorillas?"

"Seeing as companies advertise to sell more stuff (usually), then I get a bit stuck as to why everyone thinks this is such a great ad (apart from the silence - I love the silence)."

Yes I was being literal and so yes I kinda was suggesting/implying exactly that..

As for adding something to the brand - well it has made an awful lot of people chuckle and feel good by being entertained, so I would suggest the brand is now top of mind. Job done as far as the TV advert is concerned.

This is simply an evolution of the Cadbury's bunny.

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