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"Not that I've got a knob, but I feel for them. Sometimes".

Wonderful. You've got my vote.

Thanks Will!

the title was enough. Sausage votes coming your way.

I had you at hello. Nice.

Thanks Bratwurst Brown.

Wait! Finally, the battle I've been waiting for -but I can't find the pro-tofu post! Kangaroo is a worthy opponent, healthy and not yet mass produced. But tofu, ah tofu. Fundamentally healthy & peaceful. A delightfully creative food, able to shape itself into endless sizes and textures. And it can take on the taste of a myriad of delicious spices and flavours. Anyone here ever actually tried Kangaroo (besides Angus!)? Take an old shoe, ring out any signs of moisture and heat on the grill for a few seconds (NOT TO LONG -it will get too tough!) And finally, I leave you with this thought: Kangaroos would eat tofu if they could!

Emily, Tofu is not a meat.

Thank you Sausage, I appreciate it. Emily, see Sausage's post....

I know I am never going to win against you all, but if you ever have eaten tofu in Meat+3Veg in London, then you will know tofu can be great.

Whether Tofu is meat or not is irrelevant at this point. This whole conversation is a red herring. Bow down before the dominion of the Tofu!

I like tofu, but not only is kangaroo a meat, it's a bloody good one too - lean, tasty and with that added guilt from eating something cute.


Although I did enjoy your scathing attack Guilty (that is your first name isn't it?).

And it most certainly is not an irrelevant point.

Yes, tofu can be good. But even if it were meat, it simply cannot compare with the tender bloody taste of roo meat. I love eating cute things. Others agree apparently as seen by Hairy Crab's sad demise in the first round.

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