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Physiologically wrong?

It's a good drawing though. And they look very civilised. Which is nice.

Thank you Andy, very kind of you. Do they do it more crassly in the UK??

How so Dodds?

Everyone knows thats Zebra sex.

I was just wondering if you meant physiologically wrong. Or wrong in some other way.

If you got out and about more, you'd be able to compare the crassness levels of dog sex. The UK's probably got more rough-looking dogs, that's all.

Oh. God, I've spend the last 12 hours reading up on how dogs fuck, worried that I got it wrong. Silly me.

Good point Simon, I'll get out there. More.

I met a German girl recently and I was teaching her English words and phrases. Doggy style was in my list of essentials.
I demand more drawings of doggy porn.

I'm happy to be of assistance Gower.

I think this has got Post of The Month written all over it...


Those dogs look the same. Are they related? That is wrong

I"m thinking of having a tattoo of this.

Very kind of you to say, Katie and Jye.

Carl, I wondered the same, great minds think alike. Badly.

Do it Sir.

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