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thank you.

Pleasure treasure.

for a brief moment the Internet did grind to a halt.

did we ever find out why Ben was wearing a tie?

Colman looks worried.

he was drinking lemonade if I recall Ben.

Ben had a job interview, if you must know.

Colman drank tea. The rest of us drank stout.

6 pounds for a stout!

Money well spent.

Not sure how come I've only just found this, but good, very good.

You've been understandably preoccupied with finger stains Colman.

THERE you all are.

Here we are Tom. Hi.

I was getting worried. Where do you go on the internet when you're lost ?

Ben's place is reassuring. Or you can come here.

I'm not sure about Ben's place - it's getting a bit of a squeeze what with all that weight he's packing.

Really? I hadn't noticed. I was too blinded by his love of appalling logos.

He needs to watch his own kerning never mind the Olympics'.

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