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Slow connection here today. Hoping its crap.

It's lengthy, and strange at times, but, for some saps, highly emotive. And cleverly done, as shown just beyond the half way mark.

How's that for a review?

Blimey - they do have long advertisement breaks in Japan, don't they ?

I've got some dog ones I can post too Angus. I'll get on the case.

Thank you Tomithy. I wish that was your name. So much better than Thomas don't you think?

You know Tim Henman ?

Yes, why?

Do you know what HIS real first name is ?

Samuel. What of it Lewis?


It's Timley.

THERE'S a good name.

And you know the other one, Greg Rusedski (the Canadian one) ?


What a coincidence !


This is one of the last blogs I used to comment on.

You're leaving? No farewell presents?

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