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It fulfills one and two. Not sure about three.. as ever, your mileage may vary.

That is just plain odd Will. But thank you for thinking of me!


I'll see your weekend of Euro culture.

And raise you...

A body surf at Barwon Heads on the Victorian surf coast, screaming myself hoarse at Melbourne's win in the A-League football final, catching Brad Hodge's 99 not out at the MCG on the telly and lazing by the pool in my back garden today.

If you're in Londontown, I'll be playing some dirty funk records at Big Chill Bar near Brick Lane on Wednesday... can't guarantee the degree of filth or vulgarity though.

Also, sorry I didn't make it out the other night -life got in the way. It wasn't because I think you're strange. Not that I do think that...

Stan, you win hands down. Absolutely no contest. Arsehole. (And I mean that nicely)

Jason, I'd love to, but sadly won't be there. I'll be working the streets of Montmartre as per Scoop's suggestion.

No dramas. You missed out on a good night though, apparently. I can't remember.

Jason - I may be knocking about in London around that time.. it'd be good to see you.

Angus - you can't remember? I recall the tequila. Btw, glad you 'liked' the Mighty Boosh. Search youtube for 'Old Gregg', for some more quality stuff.

It was weird, that's all I can say on it Will. I'm like the worst focus group participant ever.

And yeah, I can remember the tequila. And you taking your clothes off on stage in that nightclub.

I'm a private dancer, what can I say.

Will, come along. I'll be the hairy guy playing records.

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