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Ah...style over substance.

And you say you work in advertising?

It's a French thing. I think.

I presume you're going somewhere to work for someone that makes you happier than now. If this is the case I'm over the moon for you.

Thank you Marcus, it is indeed. I appreciate it.

Congratulations on the new gig. Are you allowed to reveal your employer?

If not, shoot me an email..

Will let you know offline when I can Will.

Congrats on the move... staying in sunny Paris, oui?

Congratulations ... sounds intriguing! Though I am sure you will miss the "kitchen facilities".

Thanks Gavin. I will indeed miss the bathroom and the powdered milk I've been having with my tea but there's fun things ahead of which I will make a little mention soon. Thanks!

Thanks Jason, appreciate it. Sadly I'm leaving Paris and heading elsewhere...

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