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Where where where?

Congrats yet again. I think we all secretly want to be like Paul (barring the whole Brokeback thing.. that's a messy episode).

No can say Will, will do down the track, but not here.

Welcome back by the way, hope you had fun.

And yes, he's an easy idol. Many leaders wear red socks.

Cool - whenever you can. Amelia was in campaign this week, in her new position. Pretty impressive.

I've not made it until there's a picture of me looking moody in that magazine.

I had fun on an entirely different level. No Nawlins though, but still a good laugh.

I think it's the Colman stare that holds people in awe/fear.

That's fantastic for her, just read about it.

Glad you had a great time, it is a fabulous place. Get thee writing...

Aim for the middle - it's an easy target.

See you in the smoke, and congratulations.

Will - I would just like to make it clear that I do not, either secretly or otherwise, want to be like Paul.
I would rather be a better version of myself than a poor copy of Mr. Colman.

Angus - Bloody well done girl. Told you that you were in the wrong part of Europe.

Paul - the above is attempt at a compliment of sorts. Please accept it as such.

Paul, thanks, I appreciate it, and look forward to perhaps having a mutually celebratory drink soon.

Marcus, thank you too, very sweet of you, and yes, in some ways you're right but in other ways it's been a wonderful experience. Paris is beautiful.

Marcus - Don't worry, I'm keen to be myself, not a Paul imitation (although quite how he's able to run marathons before work is pretty amazing).

I hope when you are next in London (or Sacrum is), you fancy a pint, Mr Brown. I can't do the Colman stare, but I have menacing eyebrows.

Well done -looking forward to meeting you at coffee morning sometime.

Any clues where you're coming to? (Maybe the closest tube stop?)

And any time for a coffee morning in Sydney while you're there? Would be great to meet you.

Yes, come to coffee in Sydney! I will make an extra effort to be there.

Hi Jason, thanks, I look forward to putting a face to a name too. No clues yet sorry, still sorting out visa etc, hence the reticence. But won't be so secretive face to face when I do finally get there, all going well.

Emily/Gavin, great idea! My initial reaction was that I'd be in South Australia but then realised that I am actually in Sydney on Friday of this week, so would love to drop by, particularly if it's at Ten Buck Alley. Will check your site for location. Looking forward to meeting you.

Poo -I'll still be in NY. But the others should be meeting. Single Origin in Surry Hills at 8am. Bummed to be missing it!

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