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you are in the wrong bit of Europe. Obviously.

It's all about bringing back long dead expressions and using them constantly.

'You're a fucking pillock' or 'That's the badger' are to be encouraged.

Fair call I think Scoop.

What the hell does 'that's the badger' mean Will??


Or: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Thats+the+badger&defid=1176202

It's a great phrase. Use it today. Or look at this to brighten your day:


Thank you, most enlightening, the first two anyway. Where the hell did it come from I wonder.

I bet it was a South Western thing. They love their badgers in Devon & Cornwall.

Ah. My brother lives in Devon (usually) with a thoroughbred (woman from Devon, not horse) - I'll ask.

I went to Exeter University; though that really isn't representative of the population. Nice part of the world.

Where does he live?

Drewsteington. Cute little place.

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