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Interesting. I've just finished his first, and really liked that.

Am now reading some Steven Johnson - Everything Bad is Good For You, then Ghost Map.

Mr Steel will be ringing me either tomorrow or Friday. *Crosses fingers*

I haven't heard of Everything Bad is Good for You, I will look into it, thanks.

Best of luck with the phone call!!

No call from Jon today.

As for Everything Bad is Good For You - it's good, but get it as cheaply as you can; it's basically an extended essay.

Not begun the Ghost Map yet.. we shall see..

Good tip, thanks.

Hope the phone call comes. But if not, I'm sure another good option will come along soon.

He has just rung.

Sadly my application wasn't quite up to snuff - should have picked another brand to discuss, but I've been told I can email/potentially meet up with him if I wish.

Which is great. He also potentially mentioned coming along to a coffee morning soon, which would be cool.

Bad luck but that's great that you can potentially meet up with him - that would be hugely beneficial anyway I'm sure.

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