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What Everest/climbing books have you read, I might be able to recommend a few.

Hrm, where to begin. I've read many, but will try and list them out in case there's something I've missed:

- Into Thin Air
- The Climb
- Touching the Void
- Miracle in the Andes
- Eiger Dreams
- Between a Rock and a Hard Place
- Left for Dead - My Journey Home From Everest
- The Beckoning Silence
- Everest - The West Ridge
- Touching My Father's Soul
- View From the Summit
- Where the Mountain Casts its Shadow
- Everest (first oxygen free ascent)
- Alive
- Dark Shadows Falling
- Fear No Boundary - The Road to Everest
- Holding On

That's all I can remember... I'm sure there's been some others but nothing that stands out. I've done many other 'amazing survival' books too in other categories...

What's your favourite?

Wow. Impressive list.

I really liked Into Thin Air and The Climb. And the different perspectives on the '96 Disaster. (Which camp are you in?)

This is pretty interesting, not disaster based, though there are some hairy moments...


And this is a classic...


Great climbing book...


Yep, the 1996 disaster accounts make for really interesting reading, over and over again. I am a big Jon Krakauer fan and some of his comments about Anatoli are damning, but I stand by Anatoli in so far as believing he acted in a way he felt was best for others, even if it wasn't conventional. Whilst Jon might be right about some things during the actual disaster period, you also have to consider the way the whole thing was set up and what Anatoli would have done differently or was concerned about. You?

I just had a look at those three links and they ALL look fabulous, thank you so much!

Agree with you Kirsty. Also Krakauer assumes too much about peoples thoughts and intentions.

Another perspective on '96...


And another good climbing / disaster book...


Oh yes, I've read Learning to Breathe, but not the Doctor one, fabulous, thanks so much Paul.

Tim here, long time listener, first time caller to your show

Thought I'd write and say Hello! And add another take on scaling Everest.


I know it's simple, but as a Kiwi kid I liked it. Sir Ed's one-liners became famous in the playground. Then learning that Aussie kids are Weetbix kids too - oh the betrayal!

I have enjoyed your whines since first stumbling upon them a few months back. I look forward to more and wish you all the best for 2007.

Tim - another antipodean planner in europe - brussels to be precise

Tim, hi! Lovely to hear from you and I'm thrilled to hear someone reads this site, thank you so much.

Nice to know there is another antipodean planner nearby too... I bet we could trade a few tales if the opportunity ever arose...

The ad is fabulous, I have never seen it before. Those seventh day adventists really do know what they're doing. Either that, or their agencies do.

I can still remember first hearing 'kiwi kids are weetbix kids' and having a very hearty chuckle...

Kiwi kids are Weetbix kids!!!!
Can't be true.
If it was Daniel Vetori wouldn't need to wear his Harry Potter specs when he plays cricket.

But he sure does look good in them Stan....

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