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You are a legend - well done and thank you.

Beautiful tankard stuff. Glad it got there in the end.

Good work. I've lost you mail. can you pm me please?

Thanks guys, it was a pleasure, and it's now on its merry way to Marcus.

I actually think this was the better sunset for the Tankard. Maybe the colours weren't quite as spectacular, but those clouds bring the drama... I think a proper Tankard appreciates a bit of Sturm und Drang.

Nicholai that was the sunset from the previous day.... it was incredible. Taken from my window no less, lucky me...

This is amazing. Hilarious. Great layout, too. Grins all 'round.

Thanks Clay, I'm glad there was Tankard appreciation.

Well I am a Tankard appreciator to the max and laughed loads reading your blog. I have over 100 tankards on display online at http://www.tankardstore.com I love em. D

Glad you enjoyed it David. Excellent work with the Tankard love.

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